alchemical wedding





Alchemical Wedding, Artist book, 3D printed + Resin, 2020

To find ultimate fulfilment, enlightenment, 'spiritual gold' is thought to be through union of opposites, male and female, ring and yang, sun and moon. Once both female and male parts of your mind, body and soul have been embraced, you will be at one with yourself. This change of mind is depicted as fragmented to whole/base metal to gold. After the transformation of the way of thinking though embracing ideas of gender fluidity, peace and openness, one becomes whole, complete.

I decided to illustrate this idea through the form of earrings which sit either side of the mind. One earring depicting a being as half, in 'base metals'. Then as you go through an altered mental state, a second earring on the other side of the brain depicting a whole being, in 'gold'. This is also expressed though a poem written by me that is presented within the 'alchemical wedding box.' Also designed is an additional set of earrings each depicting a halve that hang low with magnetic surfaces so that when they are worn and come together they are in unity with each other and rest in line with your heart and mind. Included also are all my 'failed' attempts when making my models as it believed by alchemists that 'the pursuit is as every bit as important as the goal itself'.